Phone Not Starting: How to Identify and Resolve Issue When Your Phone is Bricked

After spending thousands on your phone, it gets really disappointing to know that your device wouldn’t turn on, especially when the phone is no longer under warranty. It really gets difficult to be without a working smartphone all day. However, in case you think that your phone is dead and want to panic-buy a new phone, we reckon you hold off, as these following steps will tell you if your handset could still live or not. Some steps may seem to be too obvious, but can help you resolve your plight when your phone may seem all but bricked.

Check phone for physical damage

Take a clear look at your phone for any damage on the screen or check if the battery is swollen. If you happen to find a problem with the hardware, you may have to get the faulty part replaced. It may be possible that your phone could be working, but just because of the damaged screen, no image can be seen. Try powering on the phone and check if it vibrates or try invoking Siri or the Google Assistant. You could also try calling from other devices and check if you hear the sound and the screen is blank. If this is the case, all you would need is a screen replacement.

Charge your phone for long

This might look silly, but it could be possible that your phone possibly is out of battery. Try plugging in the battery to see if your phone is still working. The device won’t necessarily light up right away and could take 5 to 15 minutes before turning it on. Try the process with multiple charging adapters and plug it in to multiple wall sockets to ensure that you know for sure if your phone is dead. Many issues, ranging from hardware to software, can cause a deep discharge of your phone. If needed, leave it plugged in with a charger and a wall socket that you know are working for sure, before arriving at a conclusion.

Flashing the Firmware

In case the above-mentioned methods do not work, you may need to flash the firmware from scratch. This process is called DFU on iPhone, where one needs to plug the phone into the computer to open iTunes/Finder and enter a slightly more complex series of button presses to restore your iPhone. Flashing firmware varies on Android phones. For Pixel phones, you can install the Android Debug Bridge on your PC and download the firmware from Google to follow instructions. If everything fails, it’s time you go ahead and shell out some cash for a new smartphone.